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Global Agenda: Free Agent FAQ

Q: What is Global Agenda: Free Agent?

Global Agenda:  Free Agent is a sci-fi, third-person class-based shooter with jetpacks!  You assume the role of an elite special agent, acquire futuristic gear and weaponry, and battle enemy agents and robots for survival, technology and territory.  With the release of Global Agenda: Free Agent, the entire game is now Free-to-Play.

Q: What is Free-to-Play?

Simply, anyone can now play Global Agenda: Free Agent through all 50 Levels at no cost. You don't have to buy the game. You don't have to pay a monthly subscription. You don't have to spend money within the game. Simply register an account, download the game, and play as long as you want - progressing multiple classes and characters without any level restriction on free players.

Q: If the game is free how does Hi-Rez Studios make money?

In the Free-to-Play model, you can optionally purchase services, items and content to customize your gameplay experience. Hi-Rez Studios makes money by selling in-game items such as a new cosmetic dye for your weapon, a new hairstyle for your character, an epic looking helmet, or a prestige pet. You are not required to purchase anything at all. However many players do choose to buy items within a game they enjoy.

Q: Will I need a credit card to play?

No.  A credit card, or other valid payment method, is only needed if you wish to purchase an optional item from the Global Agenda Store.

 Q: What are Agenda Points?

Agenda Points (AP) are our form of digital currency. Agenda Points are bought with real money and they are spent within the Global Agenda game to buy optional in-game items for your character.

Q: What sort of items can be purchased with Agenda Points?

Agenda Points can be used to purchase a large variety of in-game items. Within Dome City there are store vendors selling cosmetic items such as dyes, suits, helmets, and head-flair and also gameplay related items such as weapons and armor. Any item affecting gameplay can be purchased using Credit or Token currency earned by playing the game itself. However Agenda Points offer players an alternative, and more immediate path to obtaining items. Some cosmetic items are only purchasable via Agenda Points.

Being a skill-based game, we do not sell items that unbalance the Global Agenda gameplay. You will never be able to purchase victory using real money. But you can obtain balanced items more quickly thru direct purchase if you wish, and if you have already earned the appropriate character level in-game. You can also buy items to progress your character faster, make your character look cooler, or gain some in-game conveniences.

Q: How do I purchase Agenda Points?

Agenda Points are easily purchasable by visiting the Global Agenda webstore.

You can also purchase Agenda Points within the game itself by hitting Escape and then selecting Global Agenda Store.

Once you purchase Agenda Points they can be used by any of the characters attached to your account.

Q: Do I have to purchase Agenda Points to play Global Agenda?

No. Purchasing Agenda Points is optional. You can create a Global Agenda account for free and play the game with no purchase required.

Q:  What is a Booster?

Boosters allow you to further accelerate your progress through the game.  A Booster will give you an additional Boost Loot drop at each end of mission, double the rate at which you earn XP, tokens, and credits,and automatically reward you with 2,000 extra tokens a day.  

Boosters are limited in time and are available in 10-day, 30-day, and 90-day increments.

Q: What is the Elite Agent package?

The Elite Agent package bundles a large set of premium gameplay enhancers for a single, one-time purchase. Elite Agents progress their characters more quickly thru the game by earning double the XP, tokens, and credits. Elite Agents earn an Elite Loot drop at the end of each mission. And Elite Agents have access to premium features such as in-game mail, auction house, priority access to servers, creation of player Agencies and the ability to choose your game mode preference when queuing for Mercenary PvP missions. You can purchase Elite Agent lifetime status for a one-time payment with no ongoing subscription required.

Q: What is the difference between a Free Agent and Elite Agent?

Free Agents are those Global Agenda players who have chosen to play the game without purchasing the Elite package.  Elite Agents are those who’ve elected to buy the Elite Agent package.  The full set of differences between the two player statuses is described in the Features Matrix.

Q: Must I be an Elite Agent to purchase a Booster or Agenda Points?

No. As a Free Agent you can choose to purchase a Booster or purchase Agenda Points.

Q: I already purchased Global Agenda?  How does my experience change?

If you previously purchased Global Agenda, we very much appreciate your support and we will automatically upgrade you to Elite Agent status.  You will not be charged any additional fee and your experience within the game remains basically unchanged.  Your characters progress, and earn currency and loot at the same rate they did before.  You continue to have access to the same content, items, and missions as before.  And purchasing a Booster remains an option as it was before.

Q: I have a previous Global Agenda account but have not been active.  Do I still have access to the game and my characters?

Yes.  Your account is still enabled and your characters are still available within Global Agenda:  Free Agent.  You can come back at any time to experience the game and see the new content and features.

If you were a Trial player, you now have Free Agent status.  You can continue to level your characters with no payment required and now without a level limit on free play.

If you were a former purchaser of Global Agenda you will be automatically upgraded to Elite Agent status.  No additional payment is required.