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Global agenda Reviews

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Below we reference ALL Critic Reviews listed on Metacritic.com 

We also include additional Press Reviews from respected sites.

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BrowserGamez.com - 100

"5 out of 5 stars - The player versus player combat in Global Agenda will push your strategic skills to the limit"

MMO Den - 95

"We are labeling this game as a must-play especially for those who have abandoned all hopes for the revival of the MMO industry."

True Gamer Headz - 90

"Hi-Rez Studios are trying to stir something up in the MMO world"
"This is a game definitely worth looking into"

FPS Guru - 90

"This was seriously one of the best games that we have ever played. If you do not pick this up, you are missing out."
"Jetpacks, Flaming Axes, Plague-bringing medics and more. Global Agenda is a must-try for any shooter who's tired of the same-old tired gameplay found in Modern Warfare and Battlefield."

Hellforge - 86.5

"Global Agenda is absolutely a great game."

Lucidlan - 85

"Global Agenda is not your regular MMO"
"If you fancy wielding a powerful blaster rather than a magical flaming sword, Global Agenda is for you."

IGN - 84

"Intense is the word that comes right after "Fun" when I'm asked to describe Global Agenda."
"Global Agenda hits the top notes in many areas."

Gamefocus - 84

"Hi-Rez studios should be quite proud of their first born; Global Agenda is a really well put together, fast paced, tense shooter."
"The class-based shooter gameplay core of Global Agenda is well balanced, fast-paced and, when it comes right down to it, really fun."

Metacritic Average User Score - 83

DustinS - 100 - "This is one of the most fun experiences I have had in any MMO in years."
Schwee - 100 - "Global Agenda is a great game on the verge of amazing."
IsacSi - 100 - "Global Agenda beautifully combines third person shooter action with many of the aspects that are known and loved in the MMO world."

Electronic Theatre - 82

"While Global Agenda doesn't quite fulfill the potential it's conjunction of on- and offline gameplay allows for, it's certainly come closer than any attempt to do so before."
"Global Agenda's team system is so well devised that even multiple run-throughs of the same area fail to become dull."

Spieletipps.de - 80.5

Follow the link above to read the full review (German)

Free2Play.de - 80

Follow the link above to read the full review (German)

Gamona.de - 80

Follow the link above to read the full review (German)

Games Radar - 80

"Global Agenda is a fantastic game at its core."

IncGamers - 80

"Global Agenda is a great FPS action game with increasingly strong MMO elements, making the game a uniquely successful MMOFPS hybrid."
"It's hard to say enough positive things about Global Agenda."

MMORPG Center - 80

"Unexpected, fresh"
"Global Agenda is a valuable game and an MMORPG that every gamer should at least try"

Koku Gamer - 80

"Global Agenda offers a different taste to the MMO shooter genre"

Critical Gamer - 80

"Global Agenda is a good shooter and a good MMO with a great opportunity at its feet."

GameFAQs - 80

"Something to everyone."

PC Gamer UK- 80

"Global Agenda combines [shooters and MMOs] in an accessible jumble, and ends up striking a surprisingly good balance."

GamingXP.com - 78

Follow the link above to read the full review (German)

Zockon - 77

Follow the link above to read the full review (German)

PC Action - 77

Print review only.

PC Games -76

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Follow the link above to read the full review (German)


Follow the link above to read the full review (German)


Follow the link above to read the full review (German)

Cheat Code Central - 72

"Global Agenda does a nice job of incorporating MMO, RPG, and shooter elements into a persistent world, tactical shooter that fans of any of these genres will likely enjoy."

BrutalGamer - 70

"Global Agenda is a fun game that offers a lot of opportunities for different types of gameplay."

Team Teabag - 70

"Global Agenda falls short of its potential, but with a team who are dedicated to enhancing the experience, there's every chance they'll release an expansion which transforms this into a must-have title."

GameZone - 65

"An MMO for those of us who don't want to spend our paychecks on movie-quality elf ears."

Eurogamer - 60

"It is unashamedly, icandescently OK."

DarkZero - 60

"Whether or not Global Agenda is worth paying a monthly fee for entirely depends on the player."
"There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the game, but there's nothing particularly outstanding about it either."

AceGamez - 56

"Not a single part of GA is overwhelmingly bad, but neither is any part in any way memorable."

Game Spot - 55

"While Global Agenda does offer a distinct breed of action in the world of massively multiplayer online games, its hectic combat is hidden beneath layers and layers of drudgery that only sincerely dedicated players are likely to enjoy."

User Reviews

Gamespot Reviews - 90

"I'M HOOKED, this is some powerful multiplayer."

Gamespot Reviews - 85

"Global Agenda is a great online shooter with some MMORPG elements thrown in."

Metacritic User Reviews - 100

"This is one of the most fun I have had in an MMO in years." -DustinS
"Global Agenda beautifully combines third person shooter action with many of the aspects that are known and loved in the MMO world" -IsaacSi
"Since the day I bought Global Agneda I ahve been playing NOTHING else" -TravisR
"A very good 3rd person shooter with very solid rpg and mmo elements." -CameronB
"Global Agenda is the best high intensity team based game I've every played" -JasonM
"One of the most entertaining MMO's I have ever played." -JensH
"Hi-Rez has focused on delivering a genuinely fun, thoughtful, and addictive game." -PatrickJ
"Global Agenda is the best online game I have every played." -Werelupus

Metacritic User Reviews - 90

"I've been waiting for an MMOFPS for a long tiem and it was finally delivered. Nice job Hi-Rez." -Mooman
"Well polished, well balanced game." -BrianW
"This is the best time I have had playing a multiplayer shooter since Tribes." -ChrisB
"The gameplay alone is enough to buy GA" -IanB
"GA has a great balance to it." -AlexW
"Brilliantly mixes fast pace point and aim combat with talens and 'spells' to make a beautiful hybrid." -MikeS
"I can honestly say that i do not remember having this much fun playing a game. -MattL
"Everything about this game is just plain fun." -MatthewS
"Global Agneda is an ambitious MMO 3rd Person Shooter that takes a team based shooter and mixes in RPG and MMO elements. What it sets out to do, it does well." -Merlin17

Metacritic User Reviews - 80

"This game's potential is enormous." -KitoG